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What is snus?

There's actually a whole section of the site dedicated to answering that question. Check out our What Is Snus? page for more details, but here's the basics: snus is a discreet, spit-free smokeless tobacco pouch that is placed under the upper lip.

What is Swedish snus?

Swedish snus is smoke-free tobacco that's been used in Sweden for over 200 years. Unlike most American smokeless tobacco, Swedish snus is pasteurized to deliver consistent quality and served chilled to maintain its freshness and taste.

How is General Snus different from American moist snuff?

Well, the main difference is that you don't have to spit while using snus like you do when you're dipping. But that's not the only one. Here are a few other differences:

Unlike moist snuff, snus is an upper lip tobacco pouch product.

And Swedish snus is pasteurized to eliminate impurities and deliver consistent quality. Most moist snuff is fermented.

Another difference is that General Snus is sold chilled to promote freshness.

Does General Swedish Snus have nicotine in it?

Nicotine is a naturally occurring chemical compound found in many plants, including tobacco. General Snus is made from a blend of 22 premium tobaccos and does contain nicotine.

Who is Swedish Match?

Swedish Match is the worldwide leader in Swedish snus and the manufacturer of General, the #1 selling snus in the world.

Where does Swedish Match manufacture General Snus?

We manufacture General in the cities of Gothenburg and Kungälv, Sweden.

How is General® Swedish Snus manufactured?

It's a long process, but our manufacturing can be broken down into 4 steps.

First we harvest many of the most premium tobaccos from around the world – 22 to be exact.

After testing the tobacco for quality and consistency, the leaves are dried, ground and pasteurized.

From there, we add different flavors and specific natural oils to the tobacco, giving each blend its own unique flavor.

And finally, the finished product is placed in storage where it develops the classic General taste and aroma.

And since General Snus is manufactured in Sweden, it's classified as a food product. That means only ingredients approved under Swedish food and health laws may be used in Swedish snus.

Why does General Snus have to be chilled?

General is chilled in-store to maintain the freshness, moisture and flavor of the product. Chilling ensures that every can you buy is the freshest product possible.

Does General Snus need to be refrigerated after it's opened?

Nope. After you open it, you don't have to chill it anymore. Every can of General Snus should stay fresh for up to a week without refrigeration.

What is the date labeling code on the bottom of the pack?

The date codes on the bottom of the pack show its "Best Before" date.

Is the snus I purchase here in the U.S. the same as the snus in Sweden?

All General products are 100% authentic Swedish snus, backed with over 150 years of brand heritage and snus expertise, manufactured in our plant in Gothenburg. Each product has a unique flavor that is blended to appeal to different types of tobacco users.

What happens to the product if it isn't refrigerated?

Under normal conditions, an unopened can of General Snus will maintain its quality for about 30 days. After that it will begin to lose some of its freshness and flavor. Exposing General to long periods in very hot conditions (i.e., storing it in a vehicle in the summer months) can reduce this shelf life even further.

How do I use General Snus?

  1. Place a single pouch directly under your upper lip.
  2. Wait for a slight tingling sensation.
  3. Enjoy for up to 30 minutes of satisfying flavor.

Do I need to spit when I use General Snus?

No, if you place a General Snus pouch under your upper lip you won't have to spit.

What’s that lid on top of my can for?

It's our handy "Disposal Lid." When you're finished with a General Snus portion, you can dispose of it in the area below the can lid.

Do I need to chew General Snus?

No. Snus is placed under your upper lip.

What types of General Snus are there in the U.S.?

There are 5 unique blends to choose from: Original, White, Mint, Mini Mint, and Wintergreen.

Can I get a free General Snus sample?

Sorry, snus samples are only available at events where General Snus is present.

Can I get a coupon for General Snus?

Certainly! Go to the Coupons section on this site to request monthly savings.

My local tobacco retailer doesn’t carry General Snus. Where can I buy it?

General Snus is available nationwide. Check our Store Locator to see which retailers in your area carry it. If it's not available in your area, you can purchase General Snus online by visiting, or

Why aren’t all General Snus flavors available in the US?

Only the most popular flavors, based on customer demand, are available at retail in the U.S. If there's a General Snus flavor that you'd love for us to bring over to the States, go to our Contact page and let us know.

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