General is donating $50,000 to Leave No Trace. It's up to you to decide where that money goes. Learn more about these Leave No Trace initiatives and vote for your favorite. 

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Wildlife that obtains human food can loose thier fear of humans and develop attraction behaviors to trails, picnic areas, campsites and visitors. This turns wild animals into aggressive and potentially dangerous panhandlers. Such animals may ultimately be euthanized by land managers because of the risks they present to people. Leave No Trace educates users on keeping food and trash away from wildlife and how to stay a safe and appropriate distance from wildlife when spending time outdoors. 



Americans pay $2.9 billion to fight fires in parks and forests, 80% of which are caused by human built fires left unattended and the burning of debris. Leave No Trace addresses these issues by providing straightforward solutions such as completely extinguishing campfires and public barbeque pits, and ensuring that embers are cool to the touch. By cutting down on human-caused wildfires, Leave No Trace plays a critical role in the preservation of our public lands. 



Trash lasts a very long time: plastic grocery bags can last up to 20 years; aluminum cans up to 100 years; fishing line up to 600 years. Any person spending time outdoors has a responsibility to clean up before they leave. Leave No Trace conducts scientific research and runs programs and service projects to teach people that trash left behind affects other people, water and wildlife. 

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